About this Blog: 
Evolution of Babywearing shares Aradia’s research in support of the pre-human origins of the infant carrier. The blog is broken down into three categories: evolution, history, and culture– and an additional section regarding the forms that infant carriers take around the world.

The section on Evolution focuses how morphological changes or changes to the shape of the body influenced, and were influenced by, the infant carrying technology of hominins.

The section on History draws from art history, archaeology, and literature to theorize infant carrying strategies of humans, including archaic humans.

The section on Culture describes the infant transport techniques of current cultures within the past fifty years, what those strategies say about the culture’s ideas on infants and what the carrier as an object represents to members of a culture.

The importance of infant carriers to humanity cannot be overstated. When today’s parents and caregivers reach for an infant carrier they are taking part in a practice that echoes through millions of generations. The technology belongs to our evolutionary ancestors and has allowed humans to thrive and develop the breathtaking array of babywearing cultures seen around the world.

About the Author:
20626790_10155211875803891_1317015618635695370_oAs an undergraduate, Aradia Wyndham studied anthropology, with a particular interest in infant care around the world and throughout history; focusing on infant transport strategies. As a graduate student, she studied book history with a focus on Early Modern printed medical and domestic manuals that concerned pregnancy, birth, and infant care. Throughout university, Aradia worked as a childcare provider and taught contemporary babywearing in her community. For more information, check out her Babywearing Story. 



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